Anxiety or Love

Anxiety or Love – i’ve been thinking about the desire for many churches who want to work with young people but are struggling. This came to mind:
  • Anxiety seeks control. (How do I make kids into Christians?) – Love seeks contemplation. (How can I be present to kids and to God?)
  • Anxiety seeks professionals. (Who is the expert that can solve the youth problem?) – Love seeks processes. (What can we do together to uncover Jesus’ way of life?)
  • Anxiety wants products. (What book, video, or curriculum will teach kids about faith?) – Love desires presence. (Who will bear the life of God among teenagers?)
  • Anxiety lifts up gurus. (Who has the charisma to draw kids?) – Love relies on guides. (Who has the gifts for living alongside kids?)
  • Anxiety rests in results. (How many kids have committed to the faith?) – Love rests in relationships. (Who are the kids we’ve befriended?)
  • Anxiety seeks conformity. (Are the youth meeting our expectations?) – Love brings out creativity. (In what fresh way is God challenging us through our kids?)
  • Anxiety wants activity. (What will keep the kids busy?) – Love brings awareness. (What are the real needs of the youth?) 
  • Anxiety seeks answers. (Here’s what we think. Here’s who God is.) – Love seeks questions. (What do you think? Or as Jesus said, “Who do you say that I am?)
(Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli, page 79-80)