Breathe | a short film on anorexia made by a young person

You really need to watch this, Made by a young person and full of perspective and insight… please watch this and spread the word. It’s excellent. The young film maker writes:

Last week was National Eating Disorder Awareness week. Although ‘Breathe’ was not filmed as a promotion for the NEDA charity, I thought it fitting to release the film at this time, with the hope that maybe it will be watched. My video won’t get very many views I know, but at least the people who stumble across it may finish it with a little more understanding than they had before watching it. An eating disorder is not gender or race specific, it does not care who it affects, only that its voice is heard. It reaches into every aspect of the victims life and those around them; it is life threatening and life destroying and should never be overlooked. Here are some helpful links below for you read more about eating disorders or even seek help if need it: