Can the Church of England Attract Young People???

uncle-sam-we-want-you Andrew Grey warns of the danger of gimmicks and calls for some authenticity: “Frankly, it’s no wonder young people struggle for authenticity. We spend so much time trying to be accepted by every different person and group imaginable that we never have space to work out just who we are. And this is where the church really should come in. Rather than trying its best to mimic young people’s transient fashions and trends, it should be offering the message that young people – indeed all people – desperately need to hear: you are accepted. More than accepted – you are loved. Your worth isn’t dependent on your academic achievements, or your job title or salary; it’s not about how cool or attractive you are; and it doesn’t matter how interesting your hobbies sound. Your worth comes from the fact that you are a human being – it is innate, and cannot be taken away. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. Of course, one problem with this, as is often lamented, is the difficulty of telling young people that they’re accepted when there appear to be limits. It’s no good telling a young woman that she’s accepted by God but could never be a leader in the church because of her gender. Or telling her that she’s very welcome to come into the church, but her friends who are in a same-sex relationships must stay away. That’s not acceptance” Full article here