Eastertide – Ascension – Pentecost – Trinity Sunday: Resources & Ideas


Christ is risen! –  He is risen indeed! Alleluia! After the disappearance of Alleluia from the liturgy during Lent, I hope that there was great rejoicing as you celebrated Christ’s resurrection on Easter Day! The mystery of Easter is so great that it can’t be contained in one day – it spills out into 50 days when the Lectionary readings recall the post-resurrection appearances the beginnings of the early church and build towards the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. It’s a good time to look at how the early church patterned itself (Acts 2:43-47) and talk with your groups about how your church community meets together, breaks bread together, gives generously and praises God. How are the children and young people part of that? What could be done differently?


40 days after Easter brings us to the Ascension – not an easy concept for children to grasp. The Going for Growth Ascension page points you to some ways to explore it with your group.


During Holy Week, families in my church were given Holy Week in a Box to help them think about the events of Holy Week. Ruth Pyke, Children’s Adviser for the Diocese of St Albans, has created a Pentecost Box. Look at her latest newsletter and scroll to page 4 to she what she suggests. All Play on Sunday has some more ideas for celebrating the church’s birthday – including a playmobil church. There are many more ideas on the Going for Growth Pentecost page to help you celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. Why not suggest that everyone comes to church wearing something in flame colours – red, yellow, orange? Or create a Pentecost tree, giving everyone a dove or flame to add to it during the service.

Trinity Sunday

Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. One God, three persons – Trinity. Carolyn C Brown suggests celebrating God rather than trying to explain a very complex doctrine! The Going for Growth Trinity page has many more ideas if you want to explore Trinity with your group.