Echoes – Easter Devotionals

Excellent Easter devotional resources… with options for rural and urban settings. Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 08.44.19 They say:

Weekly Distribution

The devotional will be delivered to your inbox each Saturday for the eight weeks leading to Easter (February 14-April 4).

The Name

The name ECHOES is actually an explanation of the devotional experience. For the first four weeks, we look at four Psalms that tell the story of the Messiah. For the last four weeks, we look at parallel stories from the Gospel that echo what was written in the Psalms.


Much like our Advent devotional, ECHOES provides a custom reading experience depending on your preference. We acknowledge that a devotional told in context can make a deep impact, so we are serving the deovotional in a standard version (just called “Easter Devotional”) as well as two other versions—a Rural Edition and an Urban Edition.


Because we are offering different editions, we felt it important to have different, experienced voices speaking into them. Our devotional writers are Amy DolanBrannon MarshallChris Hennessey, Joshua Jensen, and Leslie Petty.


The devotional is available for sign-up now! Visit and complete the form at the bottom of the page to receive the devotional when it begins on February 14.


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