Seriously Awkward – Adolescence resources and research

Seriously Awkward – Adolescence resources and research – Being an adolescent is not easy – image, identity, expectations of achievement can all bring pressures to bear which can make negotiating everyday life a challenge. Have a look at some of the latest findings:
  • The 2016 Girls’ Attitudes Survey revealed that from as young as 7, some girls are feeling the pressure to conform to an idealised body image, that teenage years bring anxiety about finding a job, paying tuition fees and affording a home, and that online abuse silences them in speaking out. But in the face of all this, there are girls who DO find the courage to speak out, who have visions and aspirations for the future.
  • The 2016 Good Childhood Report found a growing gap in happiness between boys and girls, and highlighted the emotional problems that are associated with this. So what can we do, how can we respond, how might we enable young people to flourish?
  • The Children’s Society has published Seriously Awkward – six youth group sessions which address identity, mental health, social media, relationships, vulnerability and making a difference. Freely downloadable, they can be used in a variety of faith and non-faith settings.
  • And Whoever has ears, let them hear is a series of short essays that explore the theological imperative for listening to young people.