Taking Spiderman to Church

spidermanSunday morning rush to get ready for church… child appears dressed as Spider-Man ready to go! The question flashes through your mind… ‘Is it acceptable’? Or can they go just as they are… and can we as adults come ‘just as we are’?

Some may have experienced church as a place where we feel we have to make ourselves good enough. Dressing correctly, behaving correctly, pretending everything is fine with our family, faith, work, home… when actually it’s not.

For those who are new to church, how might it feel to enter into a new environment feeling like this? Are there those who have been in church for many years who feel the same and feel a need to have things ‘sorted’?

Maybe I am a lone voice or in the minority when I say I have been able to identify with this having been in church 30 years. It’s an issue I have pondered about at various times – at home, in the car and yes, I admit, even during a church service!

Beyond this, how do children perceive their welcome in church? Do they feel there are expectations to sit quietly, behave in a certain way and maybe wear certain clothes – or is dressing as a princess or Spider-Man perfectly acceptable?

In his article ‘Why my kids wore Spider-Man costumes to church today’ Micah J. Murray explores just that!

When his boys asked to wear their superhero costumes, he found himself facing an issue that went beyond the need to get to church on time. In a down-to-earth way, he shares his insights and his desire that his children (and all people) know that they are worthy of love just because they exist! And the photo is here to prove it!